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Art by Mary Sipp Green


Mary Sipp Green received her training at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. During her career, Mary has worked alongside many notable artists including Leo Garel. Her uniquely developed techniques and atmospheric style have afforded much accolade, earning the Adolf and Clara Obrig Award from the National Academy Museum as well as many publications. Recently, Mary’s work has been acknowledged with a major exhibition at the Springfield Museum of Art. Mary currently resides in Berkshire County, the landscape of which is the inspiration for many of her current works.


For the past twenty years, I have been working as a landscape painter in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. While my preferred medium has always been oil on linen, my methods, techniques, and aesthetic aims have all undergone significant transformations since I first began.

As a young painter, I learned my craft in the studio, painting still-lifes and portraits, as well as landscapes drawn directly from nature. Over time, I became increasingly engaged with more abstract and spiritual aspects of the landscape form and I began to pursue a less representational, more expressive style. In order to move away from the constraints of figurative painting, I developed a more indirect process that still informs the way I conceptualize my work. When I first approach the canvas, I will usually have some sense of the color scheme and overall composition; an almost architectural strategy for how I will proceed to build the painting. Each painting begins with preliminary sketches and color notes recorded on site, but the work itself takes shape in my studio, after a meditative interval of temporal and spatial distance that allows memory and emotion to guide the work.