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Kate Tortland


Always loving beauty, and having a passion for creation of all kinds, it was only natural that Kate pursued a career in the art world.  She had her first show at age eighteen, and after graduating college with a fine art degree and honing her skills, she began showing her contemporary impressionistic work in galleries across New England, including Concord, Rockport, and Martha's Vineyard. Kate chooses scenes that inspire emotion - that draw the viewer into the scene, and begin to dream. Using bold brush strokes and vibrant colors, Kate's approach puts a unique spin on the traditional subjects. Often she prefers to paint plein air when possible, but when not practical, works out of her studio in Connecticut.

            Kate has traveled extensively around the world, spending time in Italy, France, Ireland, and Japan and these travels have seriously influenced the art she creates. She Married a native Italian after meeting in Orvieto, Italy, and they enjoy spending time abroad to create, and find inspiration.

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